Our People

Diego Fonstad Co-Founder & Director

Diego was a co-founder of Fundamental Applied Biology (now Sutro Biopharma) with Jim Swartz and was also actively involved in the foundation of Bullet Bio. He is currently Tinkerer-in-Residence at Castilleja School, the founder of Imagination Supply Company, and the founder of Zombie Cat, a non-profit dedicated to math and science education. Through Zombie Cat and Castilleja, he works closely with teachers and students to develop hands-on teaching curriculum focused on nurturing the next generation of innovators. Diego was also an early employee at the Internet companies Netcentives and RealNames. Diego received an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA from Harvard University. When he isn’t wrangling multitudes of children, he can be found trying not to blow himself up restoring vintage tube amps.

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