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Bullet Capsid Platform

Bullet Capsids are hollow, non-infectious nanoparticles made from proteins. The capsids are essentially spheres that are the same shape and size as a virus. Advantages include:

  • Modular, easy to customize. We have developed multiple methods for site-specific conjugation of proteins, oligonucleotides, and small molecules.

  • Novel products. Components in new product are covalently bound, with potential for composition of matter patent protection

  • Nanoparticle size advantages. The Bullet Capsid is <50 nanometers in size, ideal for biodistribution in tumor microenvironment

  • 3D structure advantage. The three-dimensional structure displays components on the surface of the Bullet Capsid in an ordered array, simultaneously stimulating multiple receptors and thereby generating a stronger response.

  • Bullet Capsids are manufactured using scalable bacterial protein production. Bullet Bio also has developed purification and release testing assays to ensure product quality.

    Bullet Capsid


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