Antigen Vaccines

Bullet Capsids are ideal carriers for antigens for therapeutic vaccines for cancer. These products train a person’s own immune system to recognize targets (antigens) on the cancer. This helps overcome immune suppression, enabling the patient's immune system to "see" the tumor and regain the upper hand.

Bullet Bio’s first proof-of-concept in this area was the creation of five different capsid vaccines for B-cell lymphoma. These were personalized vaccines, training a patient’s immune system to target the idiotype protein (“Id”), a unique target on the surface of their cancer. Bullet Bio created five different capsid vaccines, exploring two different formats of Id together with different combinations of toll-like receptors and cytokines. All five of our Bullet Capsid vaccines were effective, showing how a partner could quickly experiment with different combinations of immune stimulants and antigens to pick the best combination for their product. This also helped optimize our Bullet Capsids for the delivery of other personalized antigens, such as neo-antigens discovered by a partner.

Bullet Bio continues to explore different combinations of antigens and immune stimulants, including some work in prophylactic vaccines, and welcomes partnerships in this application.