Multi-specific Antibodies

The classic mechanism for bi-specific antibodies is immunoadhesion. These products often use the CD3 receptor to force a T cell to adhere to, and destroy, a cancer cell. Bullet Bio has demonstrated that our aCD3-aCD19-capsid binds to both T cells and B cells and causes T cells to kill cancerous B cells.

Bullet Bio has also explored a multispecific that combines immunoadhesion with a checkpoint inhibitor. This ensures that the T cell killing the cancer cells will not be down-regulated.

Bullet Capsids can easily accommodate several antibodies. We have already made products with 3 antibodies and believe we can easily include as many as 10 different antibodies on one capsid. Combinations of targeted therapies and checkpoint inhibitors could be very powerful. We welcome the chance to speak with biotech and pharmaceutical companies about partnering to develop novel multi-specific antibody products.