Bullet Bio is developing an active immunotherapy to stimulate a person’s own immune system to fight disease.

The first disease in our crosshairs is B-cell lymphoma. Our product trains the immune system to target a unique marker present on all B cells, the idiotype protein (commonly known as “Id”). By triggering an immune response directed towards the particular Id that is on an individual patient’s cancerous B cells, the patient’s immune system can eliminate these cells as threats.

The theory that a patient’s immune system can be trained to safely target cancer has been proven by decades of research at places such as the National Cancer Institute, MD Anderson, UCSD, Stanford and UCLA. Unfortunately, earlier technologies could not consistently generate the necessary immune response. Our product overcomes those shortcomings, and we are hard at work trying to demonstrate safety and efficacy as quickly as possible to get our product to patients.

Bullet Bio’s experienced team is taking a practical approach to building and realizing value for patients and investors.